bmlhillenkeene (bmlhillenkeene) wrote in crowleyraphale,

Some recs please

Very, very new to this fandom and I'm hoping there are still some people willing to help me find some good fics.

Domestic/Romancy Aziraphale/Crowley.

fics where Aziraphale has to look after Crowley, including, protecting him from other angels, or other demons, Crowley being ill, or Crowley being the one to have doubts about their relationship.

Jealousy fics, where the jealous one sort of withdraws (a little out of spite, and a lot out of hurt), and the other one has to force them to talk about their feelings (throwing each other against walls is good, holding the other down until they confess is also good)
Tags: fic (nc-17), fic (pg), fic (pg-13), fic (r)
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