Angel Kink (angel_kink) wrote in crowleyraphale,
Angel Kink

Fic: Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Fandom: Good Omens
Pairing: Crowley/Aziraphale
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3000
Warnings: Graphic sex, wing kink, dominance games, painfully short refractory periods, multiple orgasms, rimming, moderate pain!kink, a wee bit of blood, and too much fun with Crowley’s forked tongue. Like way too much fun. THAT TONGUE MAN!!! I think that covers it.
Summary: The morning after the Apocalypse-That-Wasn’t. Sequel to Unexpected.

A/N: lol oh hey more porn.  I am very worried I might be over doing the kink, but, eh, oh well. I actually tamed this down from the original which was a lot more, er, violent. READ THE WARNINGS
Tags: fic (nc-17)
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