{ embracing the storm } (mithrel) wrote in crowleyraphale,
{ embracing the storm }

Hi, I'm new.

I just recently read Good Omens this year, and this is the first non-crossover fic I've written.

Title: All Bets Are Off
Author: mithrel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,436
Summary: Crowley was currently straddling an angel. He wasn’t quite sure how it had happened. There had been a bottle of Riesling, and a somewhat drunken challenge from Aziraphale that he was immune to fleshly temptation, which Crowley had just as drunkenly accepted, and now they were…here.
Notes/Warnings: This was going to be a straight PWP, but then Crowley decided to freak out.
Tags: fic (nc-17)
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