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fic: Red Card PG

Title: Red Card
Author: angelicmercy
Rating: PG
Summary: A certain angel and a demon go to the World Cup to relax after the Apocalypse-That-Almost-Was and something weird starts happening. The French are arguing, the last champions are quite bad at handling the ball and Lord only knows what is happening with England. Not to mention that Gerard Pique witnessed the descend of Virgin Mary.
Warning: implied slash Aziraphale/Crowley, bloody and beaten football players, misuse of miracles, full of crack (it’s a Good Omens meets World Cup, how can it be anything but absolute crack?)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Good Omens, national football teams from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, England… You get the idea. =D
A/N: I don’t know. I lost it apparently since I’m writing a Good Omens cross over with World Cup 2010. It just happened. But now when I wrote and re-read it, many thing make sense to me! LOL   Uh I might write a sequel? If I'm drunk enough or something? or you really really like it.

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Tags: fic (pg)
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